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Effective July 3rd, we're offering the following birthday party rentals as PRIVATE RENTALS, exclusive use for just you and your guests!  No sharing space and equipment with others provides an extra layer of safety precautions as covid is still a thing and likely will be for some time.


-no sparkler candles, pinatas or confetti

-clean indoor running shoes are mandatory for laser tag &/or obstacle course to avoid tripping, slipping and stubbing toes

-outdoor footwear is not permitted past the front entrance

-if your child has not been here since November 2021, we will require parents/legal guardians to sign our new liability waiver prior to their child participating.  We can email this in advance.

-all food and drinks remain at the tables

-most of our activities are interactive and we find the children are thirsty.  Please bring water for them.

-we provide three 6' long tables (2 for your guests, 1 for your food), you are required to use table cloths so please ensure you bring enough to cover all of the tables.  Table cloths also add to your party decor :)

-pre-booking by etransfer at 250-615-9929 (auto deposit) or at [email protected] (please make the password terrace, all lowercase) will reserve your time.  We also accept cash, debit, visa and mastercard (at the time of booking).

-if you have more than the max number of participants included in the birthday party packages, we do charge an additional rate.  Please call or email.

-our party option is 90 minutes and structured as follows:  60 minutes of play, 30 minutes at the tables for your food, cake and gift opening.  You also have up to 15 minutes before/after for set up/take down and to leave the space in a reasonably clean manner.  If you require more time for clean up, please start cleaning sooner.

-MaXXed Out staff oversee all 3 of our locations and we're in and out and maintaining social distancing protocols so please ensure you have enough adults present to help or assist the children from the time they arrive to the time they leave, usually 1-3 is sufficient depending on the activity(ies) and the ages of the children.

-our birthday party cancellation policy is 2 weeks notice for a refund in full.  If it's within 2 weeks, there will only be a refund, partial or full, if we can fill that time with an equal size party rental.

*in the event of Provincial Health Orders cancelling any rental, we will be offering credit for a reschedule or for other rentals that we offer.



With the laser tag option, this is for the kids gear (the more technical tactical gear will be offered as an upgrade shortly).

-recommended for ages 6 to adult

-we open up the sliding barn doors so you have both semi-combined units to run through hiding behind obstacle course equipment and bunkers that we set up.

-60 minutes of laser tag games, scenarios

-30 minutes at the tables for your food, cake and gift opening.

-15 minutes before/after for set up and clean up.

Inflatable Slide Side

Included in this side is the inflatable slide (soon to be replaced by the 40' inflatable obstacle course!), indoor playground with a small/larger slide, 6' high free-standing climbing wall, fitness benches set up for agility and body weight activities and challenges, "Gus" the caterpillar tunnel, soft climbers for our tiny guests and games!  

-recommended for ages 1 to adult

-60 minutes of play time

-30 minutes at the tables for your food, cake and gift opening (the inflatables are shut off)

-15 minutes before/after for set up and clean up.

Obstacle Course Side

Included in this option is the 8'x12' A-frame climbing ramp, 6' and 8' high free standing climbing walls, fitness benches set up for agility and body weight activities, the popular Powerdrive Jump and a game.

-recommended for ages 6 to adult

*optional add on is the inflatable bounce house/slide combo (intended for smaller children)

-60 minutes of play time

-30 minutes at the tables for your food, cake and gift opening 

-15 minutes before/after for set up and clean up.

Optional Add On for OCR Rental

Bumper car laser tag and/or the fastest ball throw using the 8'x16' sports screen and radar gun are BOTH optional add ons for the Obstacle Course Side (beside The Source).

Bumper Car Laser Tag - Optional Add On

Bumper car laser tag is available as an optional add on to our birthday party packages.  To date, we have 4 cars so larger groups can rotate through.  

-ages 10+, younger children (ages 2+) can ride as a passenger with an adult.

-max weight limit is 300lbs.

-not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or who has back or neck issues.

-each round is 8 minutes.  Some groups book multiple rounds, usually 2-3.

-these cars are located in our middle unit for now.

Little Bumper Cars - Optional Add On

These little cars are available as an optional add-on.

-ages 2+ (they require neck control)

-max weight limit 70lbs

-each round can be customized, we generally recommend 10-15 minutes max.

-these cars are used in our middle unit for now.

A NEW party/group option is coming SOON!  The inflatable obstacle course is in transit and when it arrives, it will be set up in our newly acquired unit in the Skeena Mall beside our existing two units.  Talk about FUN!

Zorb Ball Bowling is now available!

Zorb balls are human hamster balls, combine that with large inflatable bowling pins for zorb ball bowling.  How about zorb ball racing?  We'll be able to offer that too once the second zorb ball arrives SOON! 

There's lots of fun activities included.  This is now available for parties and groups.