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Laser tag is available for private group rentals and for public walk ins! Please refer to our schedule posted below for public walk ins

Drop in $12+gst

We use the two semi combined units beside The Source for 4000sq ft of pop up bunkers and obstacle course equipment to hide behind.

Bring clean running shoes and water, you’ll be thirsty 😉


We’re offering mobile laser tag using our tactical gear that keeps track of your stats (requires wifi), preferably indoors for now and for events. We have a fair amount of flexibility for evenings as well for private groups. We also include 8-10 bunkers.

Please message or email [email protected] for additional information, thank you 🙂


Kids and teen/adult classes are available for private group rentals here or at your location.  Please email [email protected] to discuss your class options!


The 42’ long inflatable obstacle course is set up in our end unit adjacent to Save On Foods and is available for private group rentals (kids only, max 2 at a time running through).

If you jumped, ran across and wiped out on our other BIG inflatable, Wipeout, you're gonna love this one too!  

*this unit can be "packaged" together with other options, please email or call us


We have bumper cars for ages 6+, younger children (ages 2+) can ride as a passenger with an adult.

These cars are big, they have an inflatable bumper, they run on 12V batteries and little wheels!  Currently, they’re now set up in our end unit next to Save On Foods in the mall.

-  not recommended for anyone who's pregnant or anyone who has back or neck issues.

-  participants must be able to climb in (over the inflatable bumper) without assistance as MaXXed Out staff are social distancing.

-  max. weight limit/car is 300 lbs.

- this is a great add on for a birthday party!


That's right, another FUN party/private rental option is available!  Zorb ball bowling!  Except the zorb ball aka human hamster wheel, is the bowling ball!  Or roadrunner where you run over your friends or family!  Talk about FUN!   We use this in the end unit beside Save On Foods.

*this unit can be "packaged" together with other options, please email or call us


In addition to private group classes here, we’re also offering private group evening classes at your location 🙂

We can include Concept 2 rowers, battleropes, slam balls, wall balls, bungee belts, plyo boxes, belt squats, sandbags, etc. And even weight sleds 🛷. We have portable turf panels (for indoor use) for our weight sleds to avoid damage to your floor.

*We also have barbells, bumper plates, portable squat rack with thick rubber mats available with our other trainer, Jesse (subject to his availability).

Please message or email [email protected] if you have any questions or to discuss your group’s fitness training, thanks

MaXXed Out Gym

When our self-directed open gym opens, we will update the new location and extended hours here and on our social media platforms.  We plan on offering monthly rates where you pay as you go...NO contracts, no access to your bank account or credit card, it'll be hassle free!

MaXXed Out Axxed Out

Coming soon to Terrace BC!  This will be located under the same roof as our gym, tucked away in the back.  Follow us here or on FB or Instagram for updates!


In August, we’re starting pads classes with Coach Tank!  Tank trained for years with Tony Rutledge (may he RIP), Tony was also my mma coach/trainer.  Tank will be coming over a few times/month and will work on proper technique (to avoid injury), teaching the various punches and kicks with pads.  It’s an amazing workout and so much fun!  Please email [email protected] if you would like to be added to our list of contacts for upcoming pads classes.



*we encourage everyone attending a public drop in to maintain social distancing from others. It’s actually mandatory to remain min.6’ distancing from our staff.

**non compliance &/or rudeness to other patrons or staff will not be tolerated. You will be required to leave, no refunds.

-if anybody is feeling ill (even if it's just a sore throat or a cough), or has returned from travel, or has been around someone who has tested positive within the past 5 days (kids in school, daycare, etc and adults at work, school, etc), please do not come here for at least 5 days.

-if you or somebody you're in contact with is pending results from a covid test within the past 5 days, please do NOT come here, we ask that you wait until the results are in.

-hand sanitizer is available at the front entrances.

-please maintain social distancing from others here (i.e. waiting your turn to use equipment, from staff, etc). We keep our front doors closed to try and assist with social distancing protocols. If your children are climbing, it's important that you are right there supervising and can assist your child if the need arises. MaXXed Out staff are maintaining social distancing.

-all equipment used is sanitized in between groups and every 30-60 minutes for public drop ins.

In addition to Covid-19 protocols, this extends to anything communicable and contagious such as hand foot mouth disease, chicken pox, ETC. Please do not come here until you have been cleared by a physician and deemed non-contagious

Our Facility and Training *private group training for teams, private group rentals will continue 

  • At MaXXed Out Cross Training, we offer year round training for your private sports team, organized group.

  • Our equipment and training will have you eager to use:
  • -  the weight sleds on turf
  • -  the Torque Tank by Torque Fitness, adjustable to 3 magnetic resistance levels to increase or decrease the intensity
  • -  PowerDrive Trainer traditionally used in football training, it holds up to 1,000 lbs in sandbags, this thing's a beast!
  • -  interchangeable obstacle course, 22 pieces

  • -  slam balls
  • -  wall balls
  • -  sandbags
  • -  agility ladders

  • Not to forget your cardio needs, warm ups and cool downs, we also use:
  •  -  Concept 2 Rowers
  •  -  Assault Air Bikes
  •   -  skipping ropes

  • For the adventurous, we also have:
  • -  plyometric boxes @ 9”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 30+” for box jumps 
  • -  an 8' X 12' A-Frame climbing ramp designed, engineered and built by our friends at in Calgary
  • - 6' X 8' climbing walls also from our friends at 
  • horizontal and vertical climbing

  • All of this is waiting for you in our indoor training facility!

  • We can also do off-site training at your location with some of our equipment, please inquire!

  • * SELF -DIRECTED OPEN GYM is temporarily unavailable and so is the following gym equipment (until December 2020 in a new location, please stay tuned):
  • -SIX 8' x 8' olympic lifting platforms
  • - a 24' long X 6' wide X 9' high monkey bar/chin up/pull up rig outfitted with:

    - 12' high bar for ring muscle ups and rope climb

    -cable pulley

    - four overhead rope reels

    - two wall ball targets

    - six sets of gymnastics rings

    - battle ropes

    - six lifting stations

    - ten chin up/pull up bars

    - strength bands for assisted pull ups

    - kid-sized chin up/pull up bars

    - FID bench

- tire stacks with various sizes of tires

- tire flip and sledgehammer

-various barbells including training bars

-farmers carry handles



Open Gym - Temporarily Unavailable

Our gym is still closed for the interim.  We are now searching for a suitable location with adequate floor space and ceiling height and we’ll post here and on our social media when we have secured a new location just for self directed open gym and when we will open.

 We will still offer our 6 socially distanced squat racks/benchpress and weight sleds, etc.  We will also be offering 6 NEW 8'x8' Olympic Lifting Platforms, belt squat machine, GHD/reverse hammer, etc.  Please message [email protected] if you'd like to be added to our mailing list for updates!